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Wednesday 22 July

I was sitting in the sun, thinking about a ‘Thought for the Day’. I had an idea when I was in that ‘half asleep’ period just before you really wake up. When I did wake up the idea just evaporated! But, of  course, the ideas and thoughts come from all the events that you turn over in your mind.

I sat watching the Parish Video of last Sunday morning worship. If you cannot get to the service that is a good substitute. Seeing familiar faces and hearing familiar voices was a good thing to do. Seeing the video is a good way to cut back on feelings of isolation. Many of us are finding these to be difficult times. We are often fearful of what the future may bring, and concerned for the care of  our families and neighbours.

All of that set me thinking about Worship. Our need for each other is underlined in our worship of God. In our worship we can cut through the differences and find a source of unity. We are all different people and have differing tastes and feelings. But in our worship we can discover a unity within our diversity.

Worship is really about God, for God is the object and purpose of our worship. As we worship we can go on discovering more about God whom we adore. This is God who is the creator and sustains this world, the cosmos and all that is. As Christians we know something about Jesus. The story of Jesus is part of us and we are a part of the story of Jesus too. But we make the story too complicated with all the words we use.

We can simplify this, however, when we take a loaf of bread and a cup of wine.

Bread Blessed and Broken. Wine Blessed and Shared.

Dear Lord, You are Creator and sustain the world you have made,
We Bless you and Worship You.
You see us in our weakness and failures and make us whole.
We Bless you and Worship You.
Through Your Son Jesus in His life, and death and resurrection You make possible our salvation.
We Bless you and Worship You.
Unite us in Your love, May Your Kingdom come
We Bless you and Worship You in Spirit and in Truth.
Through Jesus Christ our Lord we pray.

Gordon Cryer