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Tuesday 2 June

The sun is shining!  I know that the gardens need some water, but it is good to have the sun shining. We are blessed in our gardens for the flowers are bursting into bloom and the bees are buzzing as they search the flowers for pollen. The birds are doing their thing too. If I was less ‘log-like’ sleeping in the early morning, the birds would, without doubt, be waking me up with the dawn chorus!!  There are some things, however, with which to begin morning prayers of Thanksgiving.

Dear Lord, thank you for this new day, for the sun shining, for the birds singing and for the beauty of the surroundings in which we are set. Above all our thanks for the friendship we share with one another in our community. Make us mindful of each other throughout this new day. Help us to remember each other in the heat of the day and in the dark of the night.  Make us mindful of you through our work and activity through all this day. In thankfulness we commit ourselves to you through Jesus Christ our Lord. Amen. 

Not everyone has a space in which to enjoy the fresh air, nor the beauty that surrounds us. So think of them. In Saltash we are close to the beauty of the river and the nearness of the sea;  the moors are on our horizon. In the midst of our thankfulness, think of those people who live in the tall high rise flats. They may  have good views, but they miss out on the  scent of the flowers and the beauty that surrounds us. And the sun is still shining and the birds are still singing. Be at peace and in harmony with all those you are able to be in contact with today.

Gordon Cryer