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A holy place in Saltash, a holy place for Saltash, and a place
to encounter the holiness of God in Jesus Christ our Lord



(Spending Time And Relaxing Together)

We are an ecumenical group of Saltash Christian Men who meet on a social basis. Our membership at the end of 2021 was 25, with an average monthly attendance of around 18. We have very diverse set of faiths amongst us which always make for a good conversation piece during our times together. 

Unfortunately, since our last report (Jan 2019) covid struck and we have not met until our Christmas lunch at the Buller’s Arms at Landrake in December where 14 of us managed to have lunch together.

During the winter months, we tend to meet for inside events such as museums, talks and most importantly “eating out”. The summer months we go out and about. We then finished off the year with a Christmas meal.

We always meet on the third Friday of the month and usually start with a meal in the closest hostelry to our meeting place and anyone who is interested in joining us please call Bob Austin on 01752 844666 you will be most welcome.

Diary of Events – 2022

Date Event Meeting Time
March 18 What’s my line? Garden Ctr/Wesley 12.30
April 22 The Box At the Box 11.00
May 20 Buckland Abbey Wesley/Bus 11.00
June 17 Burrator+Ranger Wesley/Bus 11.00
July 15 Antony House Wesley/Cars 11.00
August 19 Waterside tour Union Inn 12.00
September 16 Bodmin Jail Wesley/Bus 10.00
October 21 Bruce Hunt (Heritage) Crooked inn/Wes 12.30
November 18 What’s my Line 2? Bullers Arms/Wes 12.30
December 16 Christmas Meal Venue TBA TBA