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Friday 24 April

This weekend has been a steep learning curve, I was back tutoring on a yoga course, but instead of going to a place to meet with and support the students I had to learn how to Zoom and coordinate this with videos on a web site and keep in touch with the other tutors and the lead tutor by WhatsApp! I know women were made to multi-task but this was ridiculous.

What frankly amazed me was how chatty the students were and how open they were about sharing their experiences about the yoga after only two days, as they were admitted to our last Zoom meeting on Monday they were talking about quite deep things.

This is rather in contrast to coffee time after or before church services, we are very reluctant to talk about our experience of life and or how God has been with us in the past week, or even reflect on the sermon and how we may fit that into our lives in the following week.

In some way our students had felt a bond and found a confidence to share through the Zoom meetings.

I wonder if you feel a connection between yourself and all the other Christians who have tuned into the same service as you.

Perhaps one way of encouraging ourselves is to say aloud a thank you to God for something beautiful we see on our walk, to say out loud our prayers, when I was a child I used to sing to God on my swing, a mix of known hymns and made up things that I could see in my garden. Those who can sing please do, I am sure you know the words to many hymns. Just a word of caution to those who have a significant other in the house – let them know you are going to be a bit more vocal or go into that ‘inner room’ to pray and to sing!

Gain confidence in talking to God aloud so you can take that confidence into sharing with others your experience of God working in your life when we are able to meet in person.