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Friday 17 April

This second thought follows on in many ways from yesterday's. And as much as one can it addresses the question where is God in all this pandemic? The virus is doing what viruses do, finding hosts and multiplying.

We have spent time on the days before Easter being aware of the sufferings of Jesus, very real ones, not only the horrendous torture and death but also the mental pain of anticipation and feeling separated from God.

In my book was a lovely poem about the closeness of God, here I will just quote a line:

In the ground of your being, I have my home
so do not seek me a part.
I am with you, I am within you
So do not turn away but come to rest in me.
But be still and I will speak in silence
to your loving, wayward heart.
Dane Paula Farlie

In quiet and solitude we can let God speak to us, we can become aware of His presence with us, as one who knows what being alone and in fear is really like. From that moment of stillness and awareness will grow gratitude for all that we do have and our hearts will be moved to pray for all those who do not have what we have and we will find ways to share our blessings.

God is with us in our suffering and we only know joy by the contrast with pain. It would be a very grey world without joy and, in a way, suffering. It is why when we mourn the death of a loved one we are also grateful for the part they played in our lives. We can see the two sides of the coin often in a spin as emotions are churned up. There will be good days and bad days.

On bad days mindfulness can help, not worrying about what might or might not happen but concentrate on the task at hand be that ironing, gardening, cooking or cleaning enter into it with focus and enjoy the challenges the task provides. Read an uplifting book – and lose yourself in it. Take a walk, if you are able to and just enjoy other people’s gardens, count the number of different flowers you can see. If you need to sleep and rest then let yourself enjoy that, I am!

So rest assured, God is with you in whatever you are going through, He is so near, He is part of you.