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Monday 27 April

Yesterday’s gospel was an account of two men walking in the wrong direction (as men are wont to do). Walking away from Jerusalem; away from the events of the past weekend. Walking away from the tidings brought to them by the women in their company. They are discussing these events and the women’s message when they were joined by someone whom they did not recognise. He joins in with their discussion and reveals aspects which had not occurred to them. They reach journey’s end and he makes as if to carry on but they invite him to stay. 'Sir, stay with us, for it is towards evening and the day far spent.' [Luke 24:29] This he does and during the meal reveals himself to them – the Risen Lord. 'Then were their eyes opened.' [Luke 24:31]. So the two confused companions saw the light which took them on the right road back to Jerusalem.

We are living in a confused period, unsure of the events taking place and of ourselves. Our church buildings are closed, and we are dependent upon virtual worship or private prayer in our own homes. Yet whichever we are engaged in the opportunity is still there for us to invite the Risen Christ into our lives and into the current situation. We have the chance to say, 'Sir, stay with us…' To invite the Risen Lord to share in our lives and during this confused period which we are experiencing.  To allow him to 'Open our eyes' so that we may the possibilities now and for the future. For surely if we delay until everything is back to ‘normal’ it will be too late.

A friend of mine sends me a weekly newsletter of the events which have taken, for her, place during the past week and often includes a well-known hymn. What better and more appropriate hymn for us at this time could be 'Come into my heart. Come into my heart. Come into my heart Lord Jesus. Come in today, Come in to stay, Come into my heart Lord Jesus.'

Brian Anderson