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Saturday 18 July

As we cautiously approach the lifting of the Coronovirus restrictions we think about and pray for all who have been affected by it. Facing this virus has required considerable discipline and self-control. The frequent hand-washing with soap and warm water has been essential, using face coverings too has become more common – to protect us and of course the wearer.   However, for others the consequences have been far more severe. For many the virus has caused the death of someone precious to them. Many others are now facing severe economic calamities.

Our church routine has been turned upside down over the past 12 weeks. This has been the longest period without public worship and the sacraments in more than 800 years. The experience has left holes in our corporate spiritual life. 800 years ago Henry II was King of England and Francis of Assissi had stepped down as leader of the Franciscans.  

Being together to listen to scripture being read and joining in prayer together and the stimulation of a thought provoking sermon and sharing the Sacrament of Holy Communion is important to us. In the near future we will return to this ‘normality’. The news sheets with the prayers provided by ministers and clergy are good pointers on our spiritual and prayerful journeying. We support each other as we tread scripture and pray and think together.

Dear Lord, we give you thanks for this new day, for all the opportunities of service for people around us. Fill us with Your Grace and the Spirit of Your Love as we meet in fellowship. May we, in Your Strength, share Your Love and Grace with all with whom we meet today. Shine in us, and through us, be present with all Your Love. This we pray through Jesus Christ our Lord. Amen.

Gordon Cryer