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Saturday 21 November 2020

I write on the second of two grey days and after a couple of months of keeping away from people as much as possible, and on a day when the news announced that millions in this country were suffering from depression. So it was a challenge to read the text over my readings today, ‘For like the jewels of a crown they shall shine on his land.’ Zechariah 9:16.

What on earth can it mean to shine during a second round of lockdown and on grey days? Perhaps it is good to think we are like a necklace all around our community, our country, the world, the ties that bind us, the string of the necklace is not very visible but it is what makes the piece of jewellery whole. Our links are first and foremost prayer, for each other within the church community, our local community, our country and the world. We need to keep in touch by telephone or by social media, we need to read or listen about our local and world communities in responsible journals or newscasts.

But above all we need to see ourselves as jewels, loved by God, precious in his sight, our right believing, our right behaviour are secondary to being loved and extending that love. Take a moment to think of yourself as a jewel, shining  in Saltash, one of many.

Lesley Margetts