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Friday 3 April

Another Lesson

‘You are not important’ is the second important lesson, but I want to argue I am important – I am important to God. Then I stop and think about the audacity of that claim. However it is a sort of paradox:
‘…the only reason they (Jesus and prophets) can tell us we are not important is because they also announce to us our infinite and unearned importance.’  Richard Rhor italics mine

As I wrote on the first disturbing message, this virus can infect anyone, rich and powerful, poor and vulnerable, it reminds us that we are all part of the human race and as such are a very small blip on the planet. It is not my ability to recite the creed that makes me important, it is not my attendance at church services (that took some learning especially when I had to admit I could not fulfil my role as a Reader) it is not what I do for the church be that sing in the choir, be part of the cleaning or fund raising team that make me important to God. What makes me important to God is His love for me, unearned – I don’t do or not do anything to get His approval and therefore his love. I can be amazed by it as the hymn writer said:

  1. It is a thing most wonderful
    almost too wonderful to be
    that God's own Son should come from heaven
    and die to save a child like me.
  1. But, even could I see him die,
    I could but see a little part
    of that great love which, like a fire,
    is always burning in his heart.

  2. How wonderful it is to see
    my love for him so faint and poor,
    but yet more wonderful to know
    his love for me so free and sure.

  3. And yet I want to love you, Lord:
    O teach me how to grow in grace,
    that I may love you more and more
    until I see you face to face.

Jubilate Hymns version of 'It is a thing most wonderful', William Walsham How (1823-1897) © Jubilate Hymns Ltd

This hymn has always meant a lot to me and it is one that is sung at this time of the year; for reasons of space I have omitted several verses but this hymn makes a good place to start a Passiontide or Good Friday meditation on God’s love for us, unearned and yet assured.