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Wednesday 15 July

During the rainy days of the past week I sorted through my jewellery. I have a considerable amount thanks to the generosity of my husband, and friends and family. As I handled each piece, many for the last time, I remembered the person who gave it to me – assuming I could, and the circumstances it was given. For most pieces I could remember, if not an exact date, the time of year, and the person. I am truly grateful to all those people who gave me treasure, and in return I treasured them in my heart.

At the end of the process it went into several bags.

  • One each for my grand-daughters for when they are 18.
  • One to go to a charity shop once they are open.
  • One in response to a Facebook appeal, once I can get the information.
  • One to redeem the value.

And of course I kept a sensible amount for me to wear, listed with its final destination.

The experience was challenging – I had put it off for a long time and also cathartic. I was saying goodbye in a way and admitting my frailty as well. I am living with a terminal illness, and sorting one’s precious belongings is advised.

Perhaps we all need a wakeup call that life on earth is limited and now is the time to live it and enjoy it. Jesus said He had come that people might have life and abundant life. He did not mean riches; He meant a deep and loving relationship with God and the joy this brings. This joy will spring into every area of our lives, just waters flow from a spring.

I certainly felt this joy and feeling of abundant life as I went to the coast and took a wheelchair ride along the seawall. I was aware of large and small birds flying overhead; a gull colony on a rock face, seen through binoculars; family groups, well-spaced enjoying the sea and the rock pools; more senior folk enjoying the view from the comfort of chairs.

I came home with spirits lifted and full of gratitude.