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Wednesday 16 September

Scarborough Psalm

by Carla Grosch-Miller, from Psalms Redux. 

This psalm seemed appropriate for all of us down here in Cornwall, where we're never very far from the sea and at a season in all our lives when we've maybe felt (and are still feeling?) a bit 'storm-tossed' - 'Let the ocean cradle and toss you.  All shall be well.'
Waves crash and cleanse.
Larger forces set the movement
   the coming in,
   the going out,
Yet the sea is still the sea,
a unity.
A thing to be trusted:
It is what it is.
Throw away the hammer.
Let planks become driftwood -
   it is their destiny.
Float face up,
   open to sun and rain.
Let the ocean cradle and toss you.
All shall be well.
So much of life 
   is spent clutching
   and shaping.
That is good too.
But from time to time
Be borne up.

Doing and not doing
   are good.
The sea gull's song pierces
a grey sky.
Singing is good.
Silence is good.

from Discipleship & Prayer from the Diocese of Truro