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Thursday 2 April


Most of us find isolation difficult. We need to be in contact with each our families, our friends and our neighbours. Even with modern technology we still yearn for physical contact. Without it we feel bereft. One aspect of prayer is that it is about communication. Not, however, like you and me talking to each other over the garden wall, but the sort of conversation that a long standing loving couple might have with each other, were you use words sometimes, and have wordless talking together too – sort of thinking alike perhaps! It is like the wordless communication of a glance across the room and the touch of a hand. It is a wordless coming together – Spirit to Spirit, Feeling to Feeling, and loving to loving.

On occasions you can experience this in worship together, there can be a ‘Oneness’ with your fellow worshippers and with God.

O Lord make us one with you,
Unite us in a loving relationship with each other and with You.
So that we are ‘Spirit to Spirit’, and loving to loving
in our caring for each other and for you,
Father, Son and Holly Spirit.

We look to each other for help, support and encouragement so that we may best face the pressures that life puts upon us. So we turn to you, our God, Lord of All, our Creator and Sustainer.

Dear Lord you are our Creator and the one who sustain us in our living,
be with us now,
as we face the pressures and struggles and the joys of today
Give to us Your strength and wisdom in our relationships,
And in our support for each other in the crisis of the day.
For you give us our strength and courage, hold us and save us,
In Jesus name we pray. Amen.

As Christians one of our aims is to build loving relationships within a loving community. All of that depends on us in our building of community. Loving is a foundation, communication is an awareness of each other. The heart of such community is God, who loves and saves, creates and sustains us.

Dear Lord, we come with love and thanksgiving for the Blessings and the Grace you give to us with such love and generosity. Our praise and thanksgiving overflows at thoughts of You, Father, Son and Holy Spirit, Amen.