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Saturday 11 April

Holy Saturday

An empty day, and this year we will be spared the rush to make the church beautiful with flowers and fill the house with chocolate eggs.

I suspect the small band of disconsolate disciples tried to ‘get on with life’ as best they could, due to the Sabbath restriction (!) they were not able to mourn at the graveside, or even anoint the body of Jesus with spices. I suspect they ate little and from time to time made conversation about Jesus’ life and what He had done and maybe speculated how His crucifixion had come about and why on earth didn’t Jesus do all in His wonderful power to stop things getting so out of hand.

So stay with the emptiness and maybe join in an Orthodox liturgy for Holy Saturday:

Today a grave holds him
who holds creation in the palm of his hand.
A stone covers him
who covers with glory the heavens.
Life is asleep and hell trembles
and Adam is feed from his chains.
Glory to your saving work
by which you have done all things!
You have given us eternal rest,
your holy resurrection from the dead.

With a mother’s sorrow Mary wept and cried
‘What Simeon foretold in the temple
has happened today:
A sword pierces my soul.
But change my sadness into joy by your resurrection.