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Wednesday 24 June

Don’t know

Very often the answer given by experts and politicians about the future following Coronavirus is, 'We don’t know’. There is negativity about the answer. As Christians we can view the future in a positive way.

Determining what God means to us in our everyday lives, and how we may open ourselves to hear his voice speaking to us,

Offering him all that we are, and all that we can be by his grace.

Naturally allowing a place in our daily activities as well as in care and concern for others.

Tending to those things which we know will bring us closer to the God who redeems and gives life.

Knowing how to meet afresh, through his grace, the demands that confront us day by day in our human experience.

Needing to put aside time for reflection, prayer and worship.

Ordering our lives so that there are opportunities to share in the joy and the promise of the Gospel message.

Waiting upon God who calls us to be his own and who has, by the death and resurrection of his Son, brought us out of darkness into his marvelous light.

Don’t know is simply not good enough for us.