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Wednesday 1 April

Passiontide 2 - The struggle continues….

However God is good and through the happenstance of readings and reflections I regularly read help, even if clarification has not yet come.

So to a list of messages (there were five but I have only mentioned and reflected on the first) to take on board and think about, however disquieting they seem at first, because there are comforting messages as well at their heart but first we have to realise these truths:

1. Life is hard – this was the first and perhaps a good part to start.

Suddenly we are realising that life is not as easy as we assumed, much of our distractions have been taken from us, this way of living is new to us and we expect quick fixes, quick cures and there may not be instant answers. We are having our eyes opened to the fact that no one is exempt from the possibility of catching the virus; it can infect the rich and the poor, those doing good and those who are doing harm. Human beings can rise to the challenge of the commandment to ‘love your neighbour’ and they can become intensely selfish - take what they can get away with or charge exorbitant prices. There are parts of the world due to the social conditions and the way of life that the virus will hit hard, parts of the word who do not have a welfare system or a medical system that can even begin to cope.

A way of staying with the message is to reflect on what we truly miss - why are we hurt so much? or why we are so angry? If we can answer these questions then we can see what is truly good in our lives and explore ways of expanding these qualities.

A quote that ended the reflection on the day its author, Richard Rhor, expounded on the first principle: If we do not transform our pain, we will transmit it in some form. How can we be sure not to transform our pain onto others.

Gracious Father,
You gave up your Son
out of love for this world:
lead us to ponder the mysteries of his passion,
that we may know eternal peace
through the shedding of our Saviour’s blood,
Jesus Christ our Lord.   Amen