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Saturday 11 July

So I have now been shielding for over three months and have been advised not to meet up with others e.g. go to church – and the official letter said this, until 1st August.

I have read reports of spring cleaning and success gardening with a bit of envy. I am not up to spring cleaning and some of my gardening attempts (growing a few bean plants have) been a failure.

So it was salutary to read this morning whinging was not to be expected in a Christian! The antidote to this I read was gratitude.

So I renew my promise to be grateful to God and to the people around me. Di’s sermon was helpful, we need to break bad habits and whinging and feeling sorry for oneself is one of these. Now as the proud mother of a psychologist I should say that in some circumstances the ‘pull yourself together’ message is not appropriate, professional help is needed to reframe the past and present feelings so one can go on with and enjoy life.

So it is with a lighter heart and a renewed sense of purpose I shall try to be grateful for all that I have and can do rather than what I do not have and cannot do.

And yes I have mainly kept to the three things to be grateful for each day.