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Wednesday 26 August

I recently became very unwell and whilst being taken to hospital by ambulance I found myself praying over and over in my head for God to look after me. I found comfort knowing that I had asked him into my heart again after losing my way many years before and knew he would hear my prayers.

A few days later as I started to improve I started thinking about people who don't have a faith and don't have God in their lives. Who do they call upon to help them in their time of need? Who do they ask to hold their hand and walk with them during their weakest moments? I couldn't come up with an answer. It made me realise how God had listened to me when I asked him into my heart and had given me a friend with the role of helping me back into the faith I had lost.

I am more open now when i talk to my family and friends, when I explain my faith to them and how my life has changed knowing that God is with me at all times.

Lord I pray that others may see the way to having you in their hearts and rejoice in the wonder of your love.
May they find their way to come to you and ask for your forgiveness so that they may share in the joy of eternal life.

Dave Coot