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Saturday 15 August

We often say we have been blessed in a particular situation and we principally see God blessing us. This poem turns that idea on its head and asks us to be a blessing. I would like to substitute God for the phrase ‘the universe’ in the last paragraph but that is for you to decide.

Decide to be Blessed

To spread your blessings all around you that everything you touch, or do will be a blessing.

That every person you meet will be blessed
With your joy
With your knowledge
With your kindness
With your enthusiasm
With your greatness

Be a daily blessing
for the universe and eternity
for humanity and our planet

Open yourself to the blessings of the universe from morning to evening.
In the smallest event see an opportunity to do a miracle, to be a blessing.
Walk through life as a Blessed person and a miracle maker.
By Dr Robert Muller

Lesley Margetts