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Saturday 1 August

There are two family photographs hanging in the dining room. One of them is a picture of my father in his early 20s. The other photograph is of three girls aged also in their 20s, they are all dressed in white lacy dresses, they are my mother with her two sisters.

Father died in September 1933, before I was born, but knew that I was on the way. My sister told me that he was pleased to be having an addition to the family! But for me he is an unknown. My mother and the aunts, however, have been a great influence on my life. One of them was a surrogate mother for me as my mother had to go to work to support  the family. So my aunt did lots of the ‘looking after’ in my childhood.

This is almost turning into a biography which was not intended. The ‘Thought for the Day’ however, is there revealed, as my  thankfulness for being brought up in the midst of a loving and caring network of family. I know too that not every one has had a positive family experience. But I am thankful that I did, because that experience has contributed to the sort of person I am. I hope that your childhood  has helped you to create a positive and creative family setting in your life.

That’s it then, todays ‘Thought for Today’ is to look at family life. Hopefully, that has been a good creative experience for you. But for those who did not, we must not ignore their feelings and experiences of family life.  

So our prayers  today are to be for thanksgiving  for our family life experience. And to remember with love and thoughtfulness all those people who are, or have been, special to us, from our earliest days to now, people who have surrounded us with their love. People whom you now surround with your love.

Dear Lord, we come with thanksgiving for all of our relationships, both past and present. Those relationships have made us to be the people we are now. Help us to make a positive and creative and loving setting for all around us who are special to us. May we support and encourage our family relationships and  all  our links with people, that they may be loving and caring for all. 

Through Jesus Christ Lord and Saviour and centre of our being.


Gordon Cryer