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Saturday 22 August

I love to see the Sunrise. It’s such a beautiful spectacle of nature isn’t it? So peaceful but also a new beginning. A new start. That said, when I leave for work around 6.30am, I currently have the issue of the sun right in my eye line. Yesterday I was driving along St Stephen’s Road heading towards Fore Street, just where the road narrows for a single car to pass. I couldn’t see a thing. I had no idea what was in front of me. I didn’t know if a car was coming towards me or if there was a parked car on the road ahead. As for all car drivers it becomes a very challenging situation. All of a sudden one of our senses, sight is reduced completely. The road ahead is unknown.

Like in our journey with God, we do not know what plans he has for us. We are blind to what lies ahead. God though is constantly preparing us, so when the way ahead opens up, we will be ready. We will have the knowledge and talents required. We must believe and trust, that Jesus will lead us. He is our light. We may not notice but every day something is happening which will prepare us. Some days when we are low or sad, when we look back it has made us stronger for another situation.

My journey to work had come to a grinding halt. I had come to a standstill. I switched the radio off. Lowering my window, I leant my head out. I couldn’t see anything coming with my reduced vision and, using my hearing, I couldn’t hear any traffic either. I had to trust my knowledge of the road, from the many previous trips along there and use my senses available to me, the best I could.

We must have faith and trust in our journey with God. He would not give us a route which would see us crash. It’s usually quiet that time of the morning, so cautiously I went forward and gradually the road ahead opened up to me. All went well and although the rest of the journey still brought challenges with the sun. I arrived safely at work.

Let us pray:

Lord, we thank you for today.
We thank you for the beauty of nature that surrounds us.
We thank you for the senses you have blessed us with.
Help us to grow in our faith with you.
Help us to trust in you and that you will guide us on our Journey.
Today, is a gift from you. It has never been lived before, help us use every moment walking in your light.

Steve Hookway