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Monday 13 April

Holy Saturday

This morning I stepped out into garden quite early for me, I usually wait until the sun has warmed things up a bit. It was like stepping into a new day, a day full of potential and choice. I know that some people are naturally early risers and are taking their walks first thing in the morning, striding out into the early sunlight, the bird song and the scent of the earth awakening.

I think it lovely that the first encounter with the risen Christ was in a garden, we have no idea if it was immaculate or a weedy patch but it was where Mary met Him believing Him to be the gardener. A meeting that would change her life and begin the ministry of witnessing to the risen Lord, as she rushed back to the disciples and told them, only to be met with disbelief.

Our meeting with the risen Christ has enabled us to change our lives, as we live for Him and not ourselves. It is heartening to see the many sign of service to others throughout the country in this time of crisis and I hope you are able to contribute in some small ways. Like the sheep that helped their Lord in the story Jesus told we may not recognise it, we are not seeking glory or reward; we are just being a friend, being a contact.

I would encourage those who are able to go outside first thing in the morning, wrap up warm if necessary! Smell the fresh scent of the earth, look at the flowers and trees that are blossoming. Feel you are stepping into the new day. Maybe think about meeting the risen Christ in your garden, let Him bless you and send you on your way to witness to Him. Maybe think about the potential of the day and resolve to be kind and thoughtful in every encounter whether that is real or by telephone or the computer.

May the Risen Christ bless you and keep you this day.