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Tuesday 24 March

Spring Solstice

These thoughts occurred to me on the day of the spring solstice, the time in the UK when day light and night time are equal, in balance and in harmony in a world that is anything but. I did not have the time to set them out then.

Firstly I read: Listen! Wisdom is calling out. Reason is making herself heard ….. at the crossroads she stands. (Proverbs 8:1-2)

As a church and as Christians we have the ability to listen to reason and to speak out. We can be the people who have an inner harmony, a balance about life. As the world begins to calm down we can listen more to God and to nature and take sustenance from both. We must follow the guidelines of the government as best we can, but we must also care for others if we are able, and to pray for a world and people who are finding it hard to cope, with a world that is constantly changing and is uncertain.

This was the prayer of the solstice, and remains relevant today:

God of Spring-time,
While the sun is crossing the equator,
May I be crossing over
From dark to light,
From complaining to appreciation,
From dither to boldness,
From stagnation to creativity,
From coldness to love,
From me to You.

Lesley Margetts