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Saturday 8 August

Whilst in Lidl shopping (other good supermarkets are available), I noticed Pringles were on offer. I usually try to avoid buying them, as I really struggle to put them down once they are open. They are very tasty indeed. However I decided, maybe foolishly, not having learnt my lesson from past experiences, to buy two tubes whilst on offer. They sat on the side for several days winking at me, as if they knew what would happen! Eventually I flipped the lid and pulled back the seal and that was that. I was in and one lead to another. No matter how many times I put them to one side, I’d eaten another one without realising it.

It got me thinking about the time God called me to start coming to Church. Once I’d opened the lid to my heart in Prayer and let him in, he just would not leave me alone. No matter how many times I tried to put him to one side, he kept coming and coming and till I gave in. “Go To Church” was the repeating message. He came in my dreams, thoughts, prayer’s and even through a Church-going neighbour. This happened for months. Until like the Pringles, I gave in.

As the lines of the popular hymn Amazing Grace says, “I once was lost, but now am found. Was blind but now I see.” 

Becoming a Christian just over ten years ago completely changed my life. A new family, who thought like me and welcomed me to the flock. Gaining confidence all the time. Of course, my journey has had many obstacles to overcome but have learnt many times that things happen for a reason and it’s made me stronger for the journey ahead, God’s plan and purpose for my life.

Until I opened the Pringles it was just a container with something inside. Like myself until I started praying, I hadn’t opened up my heart to let God into my life. However unlike the Pringles which will run out, God is now in my heart and life forever.

Let us pray.
We pray others will open the lid to their heart and let God into lives.
We pray others will start a new journey with Christ today.
We pray others will open their eyes and ears to receive the Good News.
We pray others will find the love of God like we have.
We pray someone somewhere right now is praying to God for the first time in their life.

Steve Hookway