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Saturday 27 June

There are occasions when I should be glad not to know anything about the news! What happens in the world around us is not always as constructive and as beautiful as we would like it to be. The stories involve people in various stages of difficulty or danger or disappointment. The stories are often about the miseries experienced by people through the events going on around them. The item from ‘Black Lives Matter’ is a sharp reminder to us of our failures to remember that God created all humanity to be equal.

Very often, however, our prayer become self-centred as we think about what is affecting us, with our problems and difficulties. Other people’s needs are forgotten but they are the people who are in dire need of our thoughts, our prayers and support.

So, in our prayers to-day, we could remember to bring them to God, our rescuer and salvation. We pray then, for the people around us in our community, our friends and neighbours and families and all those people we don’t know but who need our prayers. And then, at the bottom of the list we put ourselves.

Dear lord, we begin this new day by turning to you, who are our grace and our salvation. We bring to you all the people in need of our prayer and thoughts. We remember before you the people we don’t know, as well as our friends and our families Pour your blessing upon them and upon us. Fill us with your spirit.

We bring your Church to you so that we may all be filled with your gifts of your spirit. May we serve you and your people all the day long. Be with those who are ill at home or in hospital. Give your healing power to the doctors, surgeons and nurses as they minister to those in need.

Fill them and us with your blessing this day and every day. We pray through Jesus Christ our Lord. Amen.

Gordon Cryer