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Monday 11 May

Usually on a Monday morning the workers are at work and the children are in school. The road outside our house is busy with car drivers rushing to work. Now there are very few cars on the road and few people walking by. My thoughts are with those who are on furlough, who have no work to go to, those who are unemployed and those who are retired. My thoughts are with those who are worried and anxious about their families, friends and neighbours while his virulent virus, Covid 19, is on the loose.    These are strange and concerning times for so many people.

Dear Lord, you have given us the strength and the wisdom to work and to be creative in your world. Help us to use all of our creative skills for the good of society, for our neighbours, friends and families. May we keep them before You so that together we may honour and glorify you in our work and in our play.    We ask this through Jesus Christ, our Lord and Saviour. Amen.

Working and being creative are surely essential necessities for the well being of society. Add to that our need for friendship and fellowship. In earlier times, one would write a letter which was delivered later that same morning. In my first curacy the vicar could (and did) write to a curate who had missed morning prayer. The poor curate had his telling off by letter before lunchtime! The telephone or the e-mail are to-day’s choices for communicating. But, the greetings over the garden fence are still important. So let us pray for all those with whom we will communicate today.

Thank you Lord for setting us in fellowship with families, friends and neighbours. We bring them before you in our prayers to mark our love and appreciation for friendship with them. In times of separation we ask that you will hold us together in joy and love in our prayers and in our worship. This we pray through Jesus our Lord and Saviour.  Amen.

Gordon Cryer