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Monday 23 March

A different sort of Mothering Sunday

In fact for me Mothering Sundays have been different throughout my life! As a child I was helped by my father to make or buy a gift for my mother, my grandmothers were visited by my parents or invited to tea. As I grew, I sent the cards from college and then from my martial home, visiting if possible, as adult lives meant changing circumstances.

Then the joy of being given a rather bedraggled daffodil as Richard went up with baby Steven to collect the flower in church! As the boys grew there were cards made at school, cakes made with Dad. Then they left home and it has usually been cards and phone calls from afar with visits again where possible.

The first Mothering Sunday after my Mother’s death was particularly difficult, and of course I usually preached on Mothering Sunday, but I was in the place that continued to nurture my faith.

Today I opened cards from my sons and hope later to Facetime them and see the grandchildren via my computer!

I joined in the service broadcast by radio 4 and although in bed, I closed my eyes and imagined myself in the chapel as I listened to the prayers, readings, sermon and hymns. I along with probably millions will hear and join in that service, our faith links us with mothers and fathers, sons and daughters all around the world, all facing uncertain times but linked by a faith that will help us find meaning.

I read this morning:

What creates altruistic and loving people? Perhaps this season of disruption will offer us some clues.

Let us pray we will be those loving and altruistic people bringing light to the world.

Lesley Margetts