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Sunday 17 May

We have some very noisy birds in the garden. There is a particularly loud, but musical, blackbird. He is in competition with the, equally noisy, sparrows! It is a delight to sit in the sunshine in the garden and to be, almost, overwhelmed by the music and the garden itself. I am not the gardener that honour goes to Val. But we all enjoy the garden!

Sometimes in our prayers we can be overcome by how much our prayers are needed. We can feel the misery of so many, both near at hand and far away, who need our prayers. I believe, however, that the heart and depth of our prayers should always be Thanksgiving. For some people that raises two questions. Firstly, to whom are we being Thankful? And what are we being Thankful for?

For as long as I can remember it has been, a fundamental principle, for me, that the wonders of the universe and the glories of the cosmos, and the beauty of our little world and with it the friendship and fellowship we experience, is due to GOD our Creator, the one who sustains us in love and shows us how to love.

 Dear Lord, we give thanks to You for the mystery and the wonder of the Universe
And for the world in which we live.
For the friendship and fellowship into which we are set.
We are not always as good at caring for it and for each other as we should be.
Forgive our failures and accept our thankfulness.
May we be mindful of each other in whatever circumstances come to us.
We ask this in love and joy, through Jesus Christ our Lord. Amen.

It may be that over the day our focus on God fades a little. In our prayers we should remember that God does not forget us, His love is total and eternal.

Be with us in this day and with all with whom we meet and the things we have to do. If we forget you, please do not forget us in the joys and sorrows and the light and darkness of the day. We ask this through Jesus our Lord. Amen.

Gordon Cryer