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Good Friday 10 April

Prayers for Good Friday

Lord Jesus Christ,
We can lose sight sometimes of the darkness of Good
Friday, but for those who were part of it there could
be no mistake,
No escaping the awfulness of seeing you
Hanging there upon that Cross.
For them, it was their darkest hour,
What seemed like the end of all their dreams and for
a time their faith swung in the balance.
Yet even there, especially there you were at work,
Bringing your love to all.
Lord Jesus Christ, teach us that even when life
seems dark, your light continues to shine.

Lord in your mercy
Hear our prayer


Lord Jesus,
There are many who suffer,
Many who have endured untold agony
Of body, mind and spirit,
But there are few who do so willingly,
Fewer still who would choose that course as their
vocation in life.
Yet you came and walked the way of the cross
With single-minded determination,
And you gave your life freely,
So that one day there will be an end
To all suffering and sorrow,
a time when all will rejoice
in the wonder of your love
and experience the joy of your kingdom.
Until then, Lord, reach out
into our world of darkness,
into every place of need,
and bring the comfort, the strength,
the peace and the hope which you alone can bring.

Lord in your mercy
Hear our prayer


Lord Jesus
There are no words sufficient
to express the wonder of your love,
no deeds sufficient to express the enormity of our
gratitude, but we come asking that you will receive
our worship, our faith and our lives
as a token of our thanksgiving,
and as a sign of our love for you.

Lord in your mercy
Hear our prayer


Lord Jesus Christ,
Receive this day our heartfelt praise,
And use us to your glory, for your name’s sake.
In your name we pray