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Wednesday 6 May

A Prayer for the Morning

Mary (not her real name), a Sister in a religious Community came to live in the village where I used to live. Mary had been the head of the Community and her time had come to step aside for someone else to lead the Order. Mary was asked to leave the Order so that her successor had a free reign to lead in her own way and not feel that she needed to follow in her predecessor’s footsteps.

Living on her own, and not living as a member of a community took some adjusting. One of the things that she realised was just how many prayers are written for those in community and not living on their own. For example, The Lord’s Prayer begins, 'Our Father, who art in heaven,'  Our Father, not my Father. It was this realisation that led her to writing a Morning Prayer for those who are on their own, and I would like to share Mary’s prayer with everyone now.

Lord, open my lips
That today I may speak your praise.
May all I say and do
Be in your name and to your glory.

Lord, open my mind
That I may choose your way
And be open
To new ideas and new possibilities.

Lord, open my heart
That I may live
Your love and compassion
For all people.