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Wednesday 2 September

Early one morning during lockdown, I had just returned back to Marlborough Close where I live, with the Sunday newspapers, to deliver them to a couple of my neighbours. After delivering the papers, I then went to collect the money from one of them, from a secret designated place, as we couldn’t go into each other’s houses at that point. Instead of taking the money out of the envelope I tipped the money into my hand. This sent the money scattering all across the ground.

After a brief moment of annoyance with myself, I started to gather up the coins. This actually was quite an easy process or so I thought! When I counted the collected money it came to £1.60. I couldn’t recall how much the paper cost but had a feeling it was £1.80. I put the recovered money safely into my shorts pocket and continued to look on the floor for more coins but none were to be seen. Suddenly a heavy downpour started. With no coat on I was getting a right soaking, so ran back inside my home.

I was still wondering if I had picked up all the coins! I rang my neighbour to ask how much the paper cost and was told £1.80. I explained what had happened and told him what coins I had as I didn’t know how many coins were missing. Of course it had to be a small 20p piece didn’t it! The rain had eased a bit, so I put on my waterproof and headed back to look for the lost coin. I took a different approach and stood in a completely different place this time so I was looking in the opposite direction to last time. My eyes caught it immediately. I was delighted that it was found and placed it safely in my pocket with the other gathered coins.

My neighbour had just come out to help with the search but I told him it was fine and all the money was now found. He did say with a smile across his face that’s good as I’m pensioner and too poor to give you another one. We laughed and both returned to our homes as the rain had started getting heavy again.

Although it was only 20p, it got me to thinking how delighted I was. Far more delighted with finding the lost 20p coin than the £1.60 which was safely in my pocket.

The joy I found from recovering the lost coin is nothing like the Joy God rejoices in, when one of his children is found. God loves each one of us immensely. He is the great shepherd. If we are lost he will seek us diligently till we are found. Perhaps we should challenge ourselves more to help God with the search. Diligently seeking the lost and rejoicing when they come to the saviour.

So next time you lose something and take great delight when it is found, remind yourself how you could help God in his search for the lost sheep.

Let us pray

Heavenly Father we thank you for the immense love you give every one of us. For continually searching for the lost. Encourage us to seek for the sheep. To step out in faith and speak up when needed. Grant us wisdom to guide them to your flock and to share your joy when the lost are found. Amen

Steve Hookway