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Tuesday 14 April

During the time between the Resurrection and the Ascension the disciples had brief glimpses of our Lord, encountering Him in different ways. On a journey, fishing, in a locked room, by the sea shore. 

It must have been a mixed time for the disciples sometimes high, sometimes low,  sometimes sure, sometimes full of doubts and questions. I suspect this post-Easter period will be the same for us. Sometimes the news will be a bit brighter, sometimes it will be bleak, sometimes we will have a good day, other days we will be sad and feel left and abandoned.

Yesterday I was allowed out from shielding – just to go to Derriford briefly, however that journey was lovely to me, in the car park I could admire the blossom and listen to the bird song. The care I received was kind and gracious even though people were working on a Bank Holiday. Today I feel a bit more stuck and confined, I tasted ‘freedom’ just briefly now it is back to my chair, my house and my garden (and I am so grateful for all three). So I found the words I read this morning a great comfort to me:

'Find a seat where you can contemplate, not what is not to be, but what, under God, is yet to be. There is always a ‘yet to be’ with God. The darkest moment of night comes just before the dawn.'

And the prayer that accompanied the thought:
You pour your grace on those in distress without stop or stint.
Son of Mary, Son of the disappointments,
who was, who shall be,
with ebb and flow
be with me wherever I go.
Celtic Daily Light