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St Stephen's Commonwealth War Graves

St Stephen's Commonwealth War Graves

The information below (and map) can be download as a pdf file.

There are twenty-one Commonwealth War Grave Commission (CWGC)  WW1 graves in St Stephens-by-Saltash Churchyard. These are a mixture of standard pattern CWGC provided Commission Headstones (CH) and Family and Friends provided Private Memorials (PM). The CH belong to the CWGC: the PM do not.

The CWGC remit for both CH and PM is to clean and inspect them every two years and make sure they still adequately commemorate the casualty. If a CH falls below CWGC inspection criteria for legibility and shows signs of wear or any serious damage, the CWGC will replace it.

The PMs do not belong to the CWGC and the CWGC have no remit for, nor can the CWGC legally, repair or replace them as they don’t belong to the CWGC. What the CWGC can do is: If the PM is no longer a fitting commemoration the CWGC can, in some instances, install a CH in front of or in the existing PM depending on what type of PM it is; providing permissions is obtained from the Owner, the Church, the Burial Authority, and the Family.

AMBROSE Thomas Theodore.

Private, 16332, 3rd Bn., King’s Own (Royal Lancaster Regiment). Died on 08 January 1915, age 28. Born: Kilburn, Middx. Enlisted: Hammersmith. Grave 1413. Botticino (coloured granite). CH.

ANDREWS Harry Pine

Chief Writer, 90598, H.M.S. Vivid, Royal Navy. Died 16 February 1915, age 54.  He was born on 25th March 1860 in Saltash, baptised at St Nicholas and St Faith Church.  In 1876 joined the Royal Navy as a Boy Writer, rising through the ranks to Chief Writer at Dartmouth Officers Training College: was posted to Canada to help set up their Officer Training College. Discharged to pension in December 1913 and returned to Saltash. He was re-called to serve at the outbreak of the war but found the pressure of work too much: became ill and died at his home in Saltash. Grave 1323. Slate / Grey granite kerb 6ft x 3ft with chippings. CH&PM.

BENNEY Charles.

Private 3/6363, Duke of Cornwall’s Light Infantry (Bn. Depot) died on 15 April 1917 age 59.  Thought, by me, to be a service pensioner called up at the outbreak of war to serve in the Battalion’s Depot: thereby relieving a younger fitter man to go off to fight with his DCLI pals to face unimaginable horror. Private Benney died in the service of his Country. Grave 86A. Slate. CH.

HOCKING Walter Norman.

Rifleman. 652595, 1st/21st Bn., London Regiment (First Surrey Rifles). Died on 10 April 1921 age 26 of wounds received in the Great War. In 1911 he was 16 living with his Uncle, John Hocking, a Farmer, at Wivelescombe, St Stephens, Saltash. Grave 2051. Slate / Grey granite kerb 6ft x 3ft. CH&PM.

HODDER Edgar James.

Gunner. 847, Cornwall Bde., Royal Garrison Artillery. Died on 15 September 1916 age 24.  In 1911 he was 18, occupation Gardener, the eldest son of John and Emma Hodder: they, his two younger brothers John 16 and William 14; all lived at King’s Cottages, Burraton, St Stephen’s, Saltash. (An inscription on the rear of grave says, “Also of William George beloved and youngest son who lost his life in the Battle of Jutland May 31st, 1916 Aged 19 Years”.) Grave 1535. Grey granite kerb 6ft x 3ft. PM.

LOVELL Reginald.

Private. 2821, 4th Bn., East Surrey Regiment died suddenly on 30 November 1914 age 19 at the Star Hall, Saltash, where he was billeted with other soldiers.  At the inquest it was stated that the day before he died he had tinned salmon for breakfast, and in the afternoon went to bed complaining of feeling unwell.  His death was attributed to ptomaine poisoning.  (same grave as Private Muckler.) Grave 1430. Slate. CH. 

MARSHALL Theodore S.

Second Lieutenant Royal Engineers died on 31 July 1917 age 33. In 1916 Staff Sergeant Marshal became a Commissioned Officer. He was the youngest son of Robert & Priscila Marshall of The Glen, Port View, Saltash: was married to Ada Florence Marshal.  He died at Colchester. Grave 454. Grey granite cross 5ft. PM.


Private 13606, 4th Bn., East Surrey Regiment died on 03 January 1915 age 19.  In 1911 age 14, he lived with his parents and six siblings at 14 Harrow Street, St. Marylebone, London.  His father’s occupation was ‘House Painter’: James, the oldest son, was a ‘Page Boy’. (same grave as Private Lovell.) Grave 1430. Slate at foot of grave. CH.

ORGAN Frederick Charles.

Chief Engine Room Artificer 1st Class.140974, H.M.S. President., Royal Navy who died on 15 February 1920 age 54. In 1911 he was a Naval Pensioner living at 45 Fore Street, Saltash with his wife and daughter. In WW1 HMS President was a first type of purpose built anti-submarine vessels which evolved into modern anti-submarine frigates. Grave 1806. Slate / kerb 6ft x 3ft. CH&PM.

PENNA Richard John.

Stoker 1st Class K/56973, H.M.S. Pegasus. Royal Navy who died from disease on 25 January 1921 Age 20. Son of Annie Penna, of 5, Silver St., Saltash, and John Penna. HMS Pegasus was an seaplane carrier. Grave 2050. Slate. CH.

PORTER Roger Philip Russell.

Private. 50422, 14th Bn., Royal Warwickshire Regiment died from his wounds at home on 03 February 1920 age 21. Son of Roderick Porter (Solicitor), of “Glenside,” Port View, Saltash, and the late Ellen Loveday Porter.  He was wounded in the Great War and is buried in his mother’s grave.  (His older brother Roderick Spicer Russell Porter age 26 was KIA and buried in Africa.) Grave 1787. Slate / Grey granite kerb 6ft x 3ft. CH&PM.

RACKHAM Benjamin. J.

Private 204141, 8th Bn., Queen’s Own (Royal West Kent Regiment) who died of wounds on 29 January 1921 age 41. Grave 1153. Slate. CH.   

READ Harry Croad.

Engineer Commander H.M.S. Vivid, Royal Navy died of ‘illness’ on 26 December 1920 age 41. Son of Thomas Croad Read and Emma Elizabeth Read, of “Lulworth,” Port View, Saltash. Grave 579. Red granite cross 7ft high, moved 12ft from grave and placed against East boundary. PM.

RICHARDSON Quinton Hume.

Lieut-Commander Surgeon H.M.S. Dragon, Royal Navy died of ‘illness’ on 23 June 1919 Age 34. Son of Deputy Insp. Gen. Hain Richardson, R.N., of “Pentamar,” Saltash; husband of Winifred Caroline Richardson, of 4, Coombe Villas, Saltash. Grave 272. Grey granite cross 4ft high. PM.

ROBINSON Marshall H.

B.A.Naval Instructor H.M.S. Vivid, Royal Navy died of ‘illness’ on 15 June 1917 age 38. Grave 1469. Recumbent scroll and kerb 6ft x 3ft. PM.

SCREECH William.

Able Seaman J/66673, H.M.S. Pegasus, Royal Navy died from ‘disease’ on 12 November 1918 age 31. Husband of Gertrude Cook (formerly Screech), of 3, Ferguson St., Motherwell, Lanarkshire. In 1901 he was a 14-year-old ‘fisherman’ boarding in Silver Street, Saltash. Grave 1308. Slate. CH.

SMITH James Stanley.

Lieutenant Royal Field Artillery died on 30 April 1920 age 31. In 1901 living with his parents William (a Farmer) and Jessie at Slannings, St. Stephens, Trematon, Saltash. Grave 98. Grey granite (broken) cross 4ft high. PM.

TAMBLYN Frederick Thomas.

Ordinary Seaman J/53828, H.M.S. Vivid, Royal Navy who died from disease on 23 December 1918 age 27. His Widow Edith of 1 Kimberly Terrace was notified of his death. Grave 1197. Slate. CH.

THORN Benjamin Crapp.

Private 64252, Devonshire Regiment died on 27 October 1918 age 19. In 1911 he was 12, living with his parents Joseph and Harriet, an older and two younger brothers at House Park Cottage, Saltash. Grave 1307. Grey granite kerb 6ft x 3ft. PM.

TOFTS John Richard.

Chief Writer 347287, H.M.S. Vivid, Royal Navy who died from disease on 02 March 1920 age 30. Son of John Tofts, of 17, Brookdown Terrace, Saltash; husband of Elsie May Mary Tofts, of Tamar View, South Pill, Saltash. Grave 2048. Slate. CH.

WIDDECOMBE William Henry.

Canteen Manager H.M.S. Marlborough, Royal Navy who died from disease on 20 April 1916 Age 45.  Relatives at Lemon Cottage, St. Stephens, Saltash were notified. Grave 1544. Slate. CH.

Saltash Heritage Museum & Local History Centre has much more information about those buried in these graves; or buried elsewhere or have no known grave.

Compiled by Peter Clements for the Saltash – Great War Commemorative Events Committee. 

(1st November 2018).