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Saturday 29 August

This morning I got asked by a friend, “Steve, what do you think of Argyle’s new signings?” I replied, “Apart from forward Ryan Hardie, I don’t know really, time will tell”. It got me thinking about several comments from Argyle fans on the supporter’s website PASOTI (Plymouth Argyle Supporters On The Internet). Already many are doubting the signings. “Why have we signed a 37 year old goal keeper and who on earth is Panutche Camara? Let alone pronounce his name!” The supporters have been eagerly awaiting new signings. Our Manager gave us exciting football last year, encouraged and got the best out the players and gained the club promotion. Yet already members of the Green Army are already questioning, “What is he signing him for?” and doubting players before they haven even kicked a ball in a Green Shirt.

How many of us pray for medical help or perhaps a new home or job etc. but then when our prayer is answered we start thinking too much, as is our human weakness. “Is this really what I want? Is this the right decision?” Instead of trusting in the Lord, we become fearful and doubts creep in. Although we may start with good intentions, we allow our faith to falter. It’s the very time we need to keep our eyes on Jesus rather than on our own inadequacies.

This happened to one of Jesus’s own disciples. Peter started to walk on water but he panicked when he took his eyes off Jesus, saw the high waves and wind about him and started to sink. Although we don’t walk on water, we do walk through tough and challenging situations in our lives. When Peter’s faith faltered, he reached out to Christ. Yes he was afraid but he still looked to Christ.

Many Argyle fans have got what they wanted, new signings. However, after receiving their wish their faith has reduced. Of course, Ryan Lowe, the Argyle Manager, hopes he has signed the right players, though it can’t be guaranteed. In our own lives we are told to keep our faith and look to Jesus for help, rather looking at the difficult circumstances around us. The Lord will be with us every step of the way, but especially when we need Him most. He will be our guide.

So, if you have prayed and prayed for something in your life to happen and your prayer has been answered, do not be of little faith at this stage. Do not become fearful and bail out. The Lord has taken you this far, your prayers have been answered. Stay faithful. You have come this far, so do not start doubting like Peter. Trust in the Lord with all your Heart.

Let us Pray

Father, when we doubt the prayers you have answered, strengthen us in our faith.
Replace the fears in our mind, with words of reassurance.
Help us to trust in you, with all our heart.
Remove our worries and concerns.
Remind us you are with us, every step of the way.
With you in our life and in our heart we can achieve anything, climb any mountain or remove any obstacle in our path
We thank you Lord for everything you have blessed us with in our life, to make us the person we are today.

Steve Hookway