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Novena 2020

Listening on the way

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day 1 - praise
image by Mark Cazalet (www.markcazalet.co.uk)

Wherever you are during these nine days between Ascension and Pentecost, the novena team invite you to accompany them on a sacred journey. As Jesus invited his disciples to wait and pray for the Holy Spirit, so we’re invited to wait on God for the empowerment we need to live more fully and to invite others to share the journey with us.

Jesus knows the distractions that can draw our eyes away from our relationship with him. Once again, we are called to prayer, not because we have failed, but because there is yet more to discover, more change and promise to explore as we journey together.

The scriptures we’ve chosen reflect encounters that have shaped Jesus and his followers through the centuries. These encounters - and the opportunities they offer - reveal our spiritual needfulness and underline the call to journey onwards, guided by the Spirit in challenging times.

Each day’s reflection invites us to pause and purposefully invite the Holy Spirit to engage with us through art, scripture and prayer. Our artist this year, Mark Cazalet, has presented us with some rich, challenging and beautiful images – spend some time sitting with them. As we might look at a map or listen to our sat navs, let us be guided afresh by the prompting of the Holy Spirit.

And may our waiting and prayer refresh and renew us to reach out in companionship and compassion to those with whom God is inviting us to share the journey.

How to use these Pocket Prayers

LOOK at the images. Allow them to reveal different ways in which God journeys with us.

WAIT prayerfully for the Holy Spirit. Pause and breathe, creating a space into which God can speak.

READ the Bible text, allow it to enliven your heart, stir your soul and spark your imagination.

LISTEN for insight through idea or image, through recollection or curiosity. Let that Word dwell within you, as you listen for yourself and your community.

RESPOND to the prompting of the Word, with an action that leads to life-giving change.

Let the words of the collect gather up and bless these moments of prayerful waiting upon God, so that his kingdom might be seen more fullly in you.

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