7th October 2017
12:00pm- 1:30pm
Coming to Saltash for the very first time is the Pop up Café - Café Abundance who are part of Real Junk Food Project which operate around the country, who intercepts food that would be binned and turns it into lovely healthy meals on a pay as you feel basis. Catch them at St. Stephen's Church Saltash on Saturday 7th October.

Menu :-

Menu will include the following but this is not exhaustive. There will be more. Obviously there are limited amounts of different things, so people it’s no good looking at the menu now and deciding what you want as it may have run out by the time they get there. Unless you get there early

Sweetcorn and bacon chowder with croutons

Mushroom tart with veg or salad

Bacon and egg buttie

Beef burger/ veggie burger

Cheese toastie

Veggy curry

Chicken pancakes

Rhubarb and orange fool

Peach & strawberry cheesecake crunch pudding

Banana and chocolate bread pudding and custard

Fresh fruit


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