Join Bishop Philip

On Sunday 29 December, Bishop Philip will join us at our United Service at 10am at St Nicholas and St Faith to preach and to celebrate the Eucharist with us.

When Archdeacon Audrey recently preached at St Stephen’s and St Nicholas, she talked about story and included some thoughts and insights, which follow, that Bishop Philip has been reflecting on since his arrival.

Bishop Philip encourages the Diocese to see itself as part of an unfolding narrative: the story of what God has been doing, distinctively, in Cornwall over many centuries; of what he is still doing, and of what he will yet do:

We in Cornwall are inheritors of a remarkable and distinctive Christian heritage stretching back many centuries, possibly to the very earliest days of the Christian faith. This is a land where the gospel has been shared with passion and commitment, and at risk to life and limb, from the days of Piran and Petroc through to the days of John Wesley, Henry Martyn and Billy Bray, to name just a few. And just as the good news has been shared within Cornwall, so it has been shared far and wide beyond these shores. This too has been a place of imagination and creativity which has significantly shaped the wider world. We are happy inheritors of that heritage.

And above all else, this has been a place which God has blessed richly, in which he is still imparting his blessing, and where he will do so in the future. He is at work here already, before us and beyond us. The challenge to us is to join in with what he is already doing, and to play our part faithfully in the story that he is still shaping here in Cornwall.

Thus our prayer is simply this: that we become an ever more hopeful, confident church that seeks the mind, heart and will of God for Cornwall, for the communities he calls us to serve, and for the wider world beyond these shores.

To see us become such a church Bishop Philip has articulated five specific priorities for the Diocese of Truro, namely that we should be:

  1. A church that conspicuously celebrates children and young people at its heart;
  2. A church that unashamedly embraces an innovative and pioneering culture;
  3. A church that is increasingly confident in its calling;
  4. A Church that rejoices in strong, warm and mutually encouraging international links; and

5. A church that rejoices in the generosity of God.

Please do make a note of this date in your diary and join us on the 29 December